Q:  Why do I pay union dues?

A:  To ensure proper working conditions, remuneration and legal representation when needed.

Q:  Where do my union dues go?

A:  Financial statements are presented every year and are public information, ask your school’s union rep for a copy.

Q:  Why can’t I have dental insurance?

A:  There are too few teachers paying for an expensive dental plan.  $2000 deductible covers only $2000 of dental work!

Q:  Why is our medical insurance so limited?

A:  Teachers finance their plan 100% whereas other employers finance a portion of the health plan.

Q:  I substitute occasionally for CQSB and pay union dues to CQTA.  If I am a substitute teacher if a french board, do I have to pay union dues also?

A:  Yes.  Union dues cover only employees that contribute to the local union.

Q:  How many employees does CQTA have?

A:  None.  The union president is released 50% from their teaching schedule and all representatives, sector directors and executive directors are volunteers.

Q:  What is my starting salary as a teacher?

A:  All teachers start at the first step in the salary scale.  Once the education level, experience and legality is determined by the school board, each teacher is readjusted to the proper step in the salary echelon.

Q:  When am I allowed to take a sabbatical?

A:  Tenured teachers are eligible for many types of sabbatical leaves.  Approval/denial is done by the school board once demands are forwarded by the employee by the month of April.