Salary Information from CPNCA

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Mar 172020

• Teachers should be paid during the period of time that schools and centres are closed, according to their planned work schedule, as established before the announcement of the closure.

• Substitute teachers, hourly paid teachers and teachers by the lesson whose assignments were already confirmed before the announcement of the closure should be paid according to their planned work schedule.

• Teachers who were already scheduled to be absent before the announcement of the closure should be paid according to the nature of their absence, as the case may be (e.g. vacation days, medical appointment). Absences should be recorded as approved.

• Teachers will continue to accumulate benefits, as if they had been at work. These days are treated as workdays.
Despite the fact that some local agreements may contain provisions pertaining to this matter, these orientations are made, taking into consideration the instructions made by the Premier.  These are exceptional times.

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School Council Guidlines

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Jun 202017

The procedures for School Council have been updated for the coming 2017-2018 school year.

Les procédures pour le Conseil d’école ont été mis à jour pour la prochaine année scolaire de 2017-2018.

School Council Guide

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SECQTA Voting Results

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Jan 222016

The secqta has voted 91% in favour of the government’s latest offer.

Total votes: 303

Yes:  275

No:  28

QPAT Results: (All English Unions Combined)

76% in favour

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SECQTA Stike Vote Results

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Nov 202015

The members of the SECQTA have voted 67.5% in favor of using the additional three days of the strike mandate.

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